C-4-110 - Addressing Radon Decay Products - Another Tool in the Tool Box (CERTI-324)

This course, approved by the NRPP for 4 educational CE credits, expands the radon measurement professional's skills beyond testing residential structures to be able to take advantage of the expanding market of conducting surveys in large buildings such as schools and apartment buildings.Testing large buildings entails a lot more than taking using more test devices. It is necessary to be able to convey to the client why multiple locations need to be tested; be able to implement communication plans for occupants; and to understand special approaches to interpreting results to provide the best value to the client while shielding you from downstream liabilities.This course, recorded at a live classroom session at the National Radon Conference in Vancouver in April, 2015 deals with all of these issues and more. It also provides sample notices, log sheets and other tools you will need to fully implement a large survey.  You will be able to watch and listen to the lecture as well as benefit from the poignant questions posed by the live audience, consisting of radon professionals just like you.
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It is well known the mechanism by which radon exposure increases the potential of lung cancer is alpha release from the short-lived decay products of radon and the amount of these decay products available for respiration can vary due to air circulation rates, particulate levels, etc.  This course explores from a practical standpoint how radon decay products are measured and how RDP reduction can enhance soil gas remediation by reducing radon risks to very low levels.

This course was presented at the request of the Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists at its Annual Meeting in Banff, Alberta on April 23, 2017.  Although provided to a Canadian audience it has application for radon professionals around the world.

Course Includes:

  • Video Instruction
  • Online Quizzes
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Downloadable Course Certificate
  • 4 Category 1 CE Credits


Saturday, 24 February 2018
Matthew said:

Very informative, Speakers of course well spoken and I definately felt prepared for the course quiz

Thursday, 01 February 2018
Paul said: I would recommend this course
Thursday, 01 February 2018
Craig said:

Interesting course.  Its good to learn new information.

Thursday, 25 January 2018
Rachel said: I recommend this course 5 out of 5
Thursday, 18 January 2018
Mark said:
Sunday, 10 December 2017
Joseph said: I recommend this course 5/5
Friday, 17 November 2017
Thomas said:

Once again... Thank You Doug for recommending this course.

This was probably the most enlightening and behind the scenes look at understanding the overall Health risk of Radon and the most in depth description of what exactly is going on and how to reduce the risk and mitigate the problem....Thank you!

Friday, 17 November 2017
Anthony said:

Very Interesting. I've been testing for radon for eight years now and I definitely learned something from this course and would recommend it to others.

Sunday, 15 October 2017
Gregory said: I would recommend this course
Friday, 07 July 2017
Michael said:

Very good course, made my brain have to work a bit, Finally learned something new!!!!

Thursday, 29 June 2017
brent said: I recommend this course 5 /5
Wednesday, 28 June 2017
Brooks said:

was a very informative and innovative way of thinking about mitigation in difficult situations.  I enjoyed it very much.  challenging as well