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Upgraded U.S. Entry Level Measurement Course

Posted February 3, 2016

Over the last year we have been discussing whether we should update our U.S. based Radon Measurement course. After all, we were still getting very good comments and results with an audio based course that had a ton of content and lot of guest speakers. As an audio course it also allowed our busy students to take advantage of windshield time to listen to the lectures. But education technology has improved since we created the current course and it was time to fulfill our commitment to maintaining the best possible educational experience.

Classpic4 aWe Did not Update -- We Upgraded Instead!

In reviewing the curriculum, we hated to toss out a lot of the content especially the in-depth interviews with subject matter experts. So what we did instead was add to the current course rather than totally replace it. Now students can experience the course in video format and still have access to interviews and the audio content as well. You can choose your path or review a tough subject from a different educational approach. Much better than a total replacement!
New Video Based Format

NewRmoPic 200 x 112Students taking CERTI's upgraded program will be able view a series of videos recorded from a live classroom course. No, this is not a talking head reading from a set of PowerPoint slides. Rather it was a multi-camera shoot that captured audience comments and questions right along with the presenter. Watching the videos is just like being in the classroom, but perhaps better since you can watch the videos at your own pace, and with features like the Table of Contents and a very cool "Search" function you can return to a topic or type in a key word like "Stack Effect" and it will allow you to jump to those portions of the video.

Having student questions recorded not only livens things up, it also keeps the instructor on track. No matter how well one prepares a lecture, the students always have a little different sequence in their heads. A question from a student occurs when they think of it rather than some pre-planned segment of a lecture. A question from the audience causes the instructor to answer it when the students want and it is likely at a point where a virtual student viewing the videos in a distance course would also want it answered.

Additional Topics Added

In addition to the new video format, we added more quiz questions as well as two new topics. One that deals with business practices for Radon Measurement Professionals and one dealing with the ANSI/AARST Measurement Protocols. In fact, students registering for the C-101 Radon course will now be receiving a copy of this updated protocol at no additional expense.

So if you experienced and liked CERTI's Radon Measurement Course before, you or your friends will like the upgraded one even better. New format, new content all combined with previous interviews and tools . We think it is the best of both worlds.

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