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CERTI is pleased to announce 3 NEW CE Courses

Gnarly 200 x 126C-16-109 - Radon Challenges - Gnarly Tales from the Field (CERTI-325)

This course goes beyond simply identifying radon measurement and mitigation challenges, but actually presents solutions using real life case studies.  It also demonstrates the use of diagnostic equipment to aid one in identifying a problem and provides downloadable tools that the student can use for estimating pressure drop in mitigation systems, air flow as well as the significance of a radon emanation source.

RMP pic 274 x 251C-16-108 - Addressing Radon in Daycare Facilities, Schools and Large Buildings (CERTI-323)

This new course was presented at the 2017 Region 8 Annual Conference is a great new 16 CE hour course - This course takes radon testing to the next logical step in developing a considered approach to addressing radon concerns that have been identified during a building survey.  Whether a survey involves a daycare facility, a school, or an administrative building, there is often a need, as dictated by the availability of resources versus the severity of the problem, to have a plan of attack.  

Course pic 1 600 x 416C-4-110 - Addressing Radon Decay Products - Another Tool in the Tool Box (CERTI-324 / C-NRPP 1011)

This course explores from a practical standpoint how radon decay products are measured and how RDP reduction can enhance soil gas remediation by reducing radon risks to very low levels.  This course was presented at the request of the Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists at its Annual Meeting in Banff, Alberta on April 23, 2017.  Although provided to a Canadian audience it has application for radon professionals around the world.  Approved for both U.S. and Canada 4 CE credits for Measurement and Mitigation through NRPP and C-NRPP. 

Advanced courses 300 x 221

CERTI is pleased to offer two courses that are approved as prerequisites to the new AARST/NRPP Advanced Multi-Family Measurement Listing.

We also now have the new Workbook which is the required exam for this advanced listing.  This Workbook is offered as a 4 Hr CE Course that can be completed after either of the two approved prerequisite courses.

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