Protecting Your Home from Radon – DIY Book


Radon can be reduced in any home to within US EPA guidance levels. This book clearly explains how this can be done. The same proven methods used by professional mitigators are detailed in this simple to understand manual.

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Protecting Your Home From Radon (3rd Edition)
D.L. Kladder, Dr. J.F. Burkhart, S.R. Jelinek

Who can benefit from using this book?

  • Do-It-YourselfersThis manual provides easy-to-follow instructions about how to plan your project, and how to do so correctly and safely.
  • HomeownersIt provides an excellent basis for hiring contractors to do the work for you, in the most effective manner.
  • Home BuildersThe manual provides detailed instructions on how radon control systems are built into new homes as a value-added option.
  • Radon ProfessionalsThis book has served as a valuable resource for radon professionals in educating homeowners, as well as employees.

Written by recognized experts in the field of radon measurement and radon reduction technology, this book is based upon years of research and experience; it presents this experience in an easy-to-understand format, specifically written for the general public.

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Chapter Titles:

1 – Health Effects 5 – Drainage Based Systems     9 – Combining Approaches
2 – Measurements 6 – Sub-Slab Systems 10 – Safety
3 – Radon Entry 7 – Piping Systems 11 – New Home Systems
4 – Crawl Space Systems     8 – Caulking & Sealing 12 – Selecting a Contractor



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