CVC – Research and Publications

CVC has been involved in the research and development of radon-related technology. Additionally, it has developed many educational programs for radon industry professionals and the general public. The following list provides in indication of the breadth and depth of CVC’s experience in the field.

Research and Publications:

  • Western Regional Radon Training Center, Kladder, D.L. Burkhart, J.F, Wyoming Large Building Survey, A step-by-step manual for measuring and confirming elevated concentrations of in large buildings, 1997.
  • Western Regional Radon Training Center, Kladder, D.L. Radon, An Environmental Concern With an Easy Solution, A guide for installing affordable radon control systems in new homes, 1998
  • Kladder, D.L., Burkhart Dr. J.F., Thorburn, M. S., Cruz, Peter Q., An Investigation Of Factors Affecting, The Entry Of Radon Into Structures On The Island of Guam, Natural Radiation Environment (NRE-VI) Symposium Proceedings, 1995.
  • Kladder D.L., Burkhart, Dr. J.F., Jelinek, S.R., Protecting Your Home From Radon – A Step By Step Manual For Radon Reduction CVC, 1993.
  • Kladder, D.L., Burkhart Dr. J.F., Thorburn, M. S., Investigation into Factors Affecting the Entry of Radon Into Structures On Guam, Guam EPA, 1994.
  • Burkhart Dr. J.F., Kladder, D.L., Radon Distribution On The Island of Guam and Correlations to Surficial Geology and Deposition Models, Int’l Radon Symposium Proceedings, 1993.
  • Paben, G., Drennen A., Kladder D.L., Use of Sealed Membrane Systems in Conjunction with Passively Vented Crawl Space Homes in Cold Climates, Int’l Radon Symposium, 1993.
  • Mitchel, R., Kladder, D.L., Risk Communication Techniques for Dealing with School Officials Facing Radon Reduction Repairs. A Case Study of Two Different Approaches Utilized in New Mexico Schools, Int’l Radon Symposium, 1993.
  • Kladder D.L., Burkhart,Dr. J.F., Jelinek, S.R., A Comparison of Indoor Radon Between Preconstruction and Post Construction Mitigated Single Family Dwellings, Int’l Radon Symposium Proceedings, 1991.
  • Kladder, D.L., Burkhart, Dr. J.F., Jelinek, S.R., A Study of Passive Radon Reduction Techniques For Single Family Residential Structures. AARST Radon Technical Exchange Proceedings, 1991.


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