Radon Surveys

CVC – Radon Surveys for Large Buildings and Schools


CVC has exensive knowledge and experience in conducting radon measurement surveys for schools and large buildings.

As part of any survey, CVC develops documents tailored for the individual client.  Thisis a critical step toward insuring a good survey, creating useful and reliable records for the client, and in allaying the fears of building occupants.


Communication Plan

CVC takes the time to make sure the communication plan for each survey client is designed to communicate the positive and proactive action of a radon survey and to alleviate fears that can sometimes be associated with such a survey.

This includes providing customized notices for employees and occupants of the building.

CVC has also created and can provide a video explaining the purpose of a radon survey which ha been used by several organizations such a school districts to post on their own site to help alleviate fears and to explain the procedure.




CVC is well known for the clarity and accuracy of its reports. Test results are entered into tables as well as onto drawings for easy interpretation and future reference.


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