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The State of Connecticut is required to maintain lists of qualified radon professionals.  Professionals may be certified through either NRPP or NRSB.

Steps on how to become listed as a nationally certified radon professional in Connecticut are in the following links:

Radon Measurement: https://portal.ct.gov/-/media/Departments-and-Agencies/DPH/dph/environmental_health/radon/pdf/HowToforMeasProfsfactsheetpdf.pdf

  • Radon measurement professionals need to be nationally certified to be listed as a qualified measurement professional in CT.
  • Measurement professionals seeking to be listed as qualified to test in CT public schools need to have their national certification in measurement and to have successfully completed the CT DPH half-day Radon Measurement in CT Schools course.

Radon Mitigation: https://portal.ct.gov/-/media/Departments-and-Agencies/DPH/dph/environmental_health/radon/pdf/HowToforMitProfsfactsheetpdf.pdf

  • Radon mitigators need their national certification and a home improvement contractor (HIC) registration (with the CT Department of Consumer Protection) to be listed as a qualified mitigation professional in CT.

Continuing Education credits are required to maintain their certification with NRPP or NRSB.

Radon Laws for Connecticut: https://portal.ct.gov/DPH/Environmental-Health/Radon/Radon-Related-Laws

Connecticut Radon Fact Sheet

Connecticut Radon Fact Sheet 06.01.22

2023 AARST Radon Report Card