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In order to become a Certified Radon Mitigator in Utah, one must hold a contractor’s license to install a radon mitigation system. Several contractor license classifications can do this within the scope of their license – if they have the required radon mitigation certification.

Those classifications are:

  • B100 – General Building Contractor
  • R100 – Residential /Small Commercial Building Contractor
  • S200 – General Electrical Contractor
  • S210 – General Plumbing Contractor
  • S350 – HVAC Contractor
  • S354 – Radon Mitigation Contractor

Registration as a handyman does NOT permit installation of radon mitigation. Installing contractors must be licensed with the state.

Please note to contract without a license in the state of Utah is punishable criminally as a Class A Misdemeanor (up to a year in jail and/or a $2,500.00 fine per occurrence) and/or administratively with fine(s) and Cease & Desist Order(s). Administrative fines can be up to $1,000.00 for the first occurrence, $2,000.00 for a second offense, and $2,000.00 per day for subsequent offenses. So please get a license before you start advertising or contracting any work requiring contractor licensure.

To learn more about Department of Professional Licensing (DOPL) requirements – review our website dopl.utah.gov  for more information including application for licensure and access to the state laws and rules governing construction contracting.

The next step for a Certified Radon Mitigator is to get Certified through AARST/NRPP or NRSB.

As a Certified Radon Measurement Professional, there are no licensure requirements other than you must have a business license with the State of Utah.  It is highly recommended that you become radon certified as a measurement professional to test for radon in homes and buildings.

Continuing Education credits would need to be taken to keep the NRPP or NRSB certification valid.

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