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Technical Support

Technical Support

Most of CERTI’s programs contain video or audio for playing from the Internet. For the easiest viewing we recommend:

Computer: PC
Browser: Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox
Default Player: Windows Media Player 10 or higher
Internet Connection Speed: 200 kbs or higher
For some Programs: Adobe Flash Player
free at:



If you have a MAC you will need to download a free application to view Windows Media files (such as Flip4Mac freely available from the website)

Other Browsers:

If you use other Internet browsers such as Chrome or Opera you will likely need to download free add-ons for watching windows media files. We recommend that when using CERTI’s program that you use Internet Explorer if at all possible.


To view and download resources you will need Acrobat Reader

In some cases, for the Certificate to download, you may need to update your version of the reader as the reader is updated on a regular basis.

Free download at:

Enabling Cookies

Since the education site does tracking of grades and provides a certificate it is important that cookies be enabled in your system for this site.

To learn how to enable the cookies on your system, you can visit this site:

For the address of the web site for which you want to accept cookies, enter: or