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April 20, 2023 Comments Off

We recently received a solicitation to review a government document regarding radon in multi-family buildings.  It is great to see the identification of radon hazards occurring in more and more situations.  However, what

April 20, 2023 Comments Off

A radon professional coming to the CERTI site might ask themselves what good is a course based on a DIY Book on radon testing and installation to them.  After all they have been

May 5, 2022 Comments Off

We often receive emails or phone calls from CERTI students who are challenged by clients when they are asked to maintain closed house conditions when a short-term radon test is performed.  After all,

May 5, 2022 Comments Off

Everyone in the radon biz has seen countless pictures and illustrations of U-tubes mounted on the side of the vent pipe on the suction side of the fan -- and why not? It

May 5, 2022 Comments Off

At CERTI, we are frequently called on for advice by students. More and more, we have been receiving calls from measurement professionals who have been asked to do a radon survey in a

April 17, 2020 Comments Off

So you’re thinking about hitting the road and giving radon presentations?  Perhaps presenting to real estate offices, builders, county commissioners, or the general public.  That’s great and why not?  It is a good

January 15, 2020 Comments Off

Douglas L. Kladder, Director CERTI Active Soil Depressurization has proven to be a very reliable means by which radon laden soil gas can be reduced from indoor environments. In its simplicity, one can

July 16, 2019 Comments Off

The reference document is loaded with 133 pages of content supported by 81 diagrams and pictures as well as 21 tables. The PDF it is searchable to help you locate the design factor

December 1, 2014 Comments Off

The investment one may make when starting a radon mitigation business will certainly depend upon what tools and equipment you already have. If you are currently engaged in the remodeling, plumbing or HVAC

October 29, 2014 Comments Off

There are four primary things a student can to do to improve their chances of passing either the radon measurement or radon mitigation certification exam.  These go beyond content areas and more to

October 27, 2014 Comments Off

Tip #1: Complete a radon measurement course before committing.Radon measurement device manufacturers are a reputable group.  However, they have a natural bias for their particular device.  So, the first tip is to complete