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Everyone in the radon biz has seen countless pictures and illustrations of U-tubes mounted on the side of the vent pipe on the suction side of the fan -- and why not? It

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At CERTI, we are frequently called on for advice by students. More and more, we have been receiving calls from measurement professionals who have been asked to do a radon survey in a

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So you’re thinking about hitting the road and giving radon presentations?  Perhaps presenting to real estate offices, builders, county commissioners, or the general public.  That’s great and why not?  It is a good

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Douglas L. Kladder, Director CERTI Active Soil Depressurization has proven to be a very reliable means by which radon laden soil gas can be reduced from indoor environments. In its simplicity, one can

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The investment one may make when starting a radon mitigation business will certainly depend upon what tools and equipment you already have. If you are currently engaged in the remodeling, plumbing or HVAC

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Tip #1: Complete a radon measurement course before committing.Radon measurement device manufacturers are a reputable group.  However, they have a natural bias for their particular device.  So, the first tip is to complete