Radon Mitigation Technology

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CERTI-4000 (Previously CERTI-2)
Entry level course to become certified in Radon Mitigation in the United States. The instruction is audio based, with online course manual, resources, new ANSI-AARST Standards, and quizzes to reinforce the material. It also includes a field exercise program tailored to your experience level.
**Now included at no additional cost: C-102 Comprehensive Exam Prep – 175 Measurement questions and 150 Mitigation questions to help you prepare for the National Exam. (updated August 2021).

 Once you have taken this course, (CERTI-4000), and obtained your completed course certificate, you are ready to schedule an appointment to take the national licensing exam through NRSB or NRPP.

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C-101 – Radon & Radon Decay Product Measurement Course is a pre-requisite to this course. – If you are interested in both courses, you can purchase them together at a discounted price ($695 Total – $105 discount) 

The easy-listening format of the audio Instruction includes interviews with experts in the radon industry providing you with insight into their experience as well as substantive technological and practical information. With an impressive 92% passing rate on the certification exams, these courses have proven to be successful and popular in preparing students for the certification exam and for conducting business.

One of the favorite aspects of this course is the opportunity for students to apply their skills with oversight and mentoring advice from a course instructor.  This is done in the “Field Exercises” at the end of the course in which the student identifies a house that can be used and has had a radon test performed (typically the student’s home).  The student then designs a system based upon knowledge they have obtained in the course, which is reviewed in a one-on-one conversation with the Lead Instructor.  The student then installs the system, taking photos throughout the process and of the final system, which are then reviewed in another one-on-one discussion with the Lead Instructor where additional helpful tips and practices are provided.   This approach has proven to be very successful as it reinforces the educational content with a meaningful hands-on experience with the assistance of a seasoned practitioner.  As an added benefit it provides a research house to study during different seasons, as well as pictures of a house you have mitigated for use in marketing.   Alternatively, if you currently work for a company that installs mitigation systems, photos of systems you have installed can also be a basis for discussions with the CERTI instructor to fulfill your field exercise.  Other options are also available that can be custom fit to your situation or business plan.

There are approximately 24 hours of coursework, including listening to audio instruction (in short audio tracks so you can listen to as many or as few as you want at any time); online resources such as videos, protocols, and publications; and quizzes that are taken as you progress through the course (not timed and may be taken unlimited times), plus the time for your field exercises.  There is no time limit for taking the course, and even after completion you continue to have access to the course in order to refer back to resources.

NEW! 150 comprehensive exam prep questions now included FOR FREE with this course. Test YOURSELF before you sit for the exam! Feedback is offered once you “grade” yourself. These additional test prep questions are not required to earn your certificate; they are simply included to aid the student in preparing for the exam.
*Special note:  The 175 Measurement Exam Prep questions are included in this course, as well.* *Review of all resources is crucial when preparing for the NRPP or NRSB certification exam*

CERTI students also have access to business tools such as sample contracts, and warranties.  We are also available by phone during and after the course for any questions concerning the course or radon situations you come across on the job.

Iowa – Application for certification as a Radon Mitigation Specialist you must complete an initial radon measurement training course and an initial radon mitigation course that has been approved and listed by NRPP or NRSB.

Course not available in: Ohio

This course is now accepted in Florida and now includes a Florida-Specific chapter approved by the Radon and Indoor Air Program from the Florida DOH. 


Course Includes:

  • Audio Instruction and Interviews
  • Course Manual
  • New ANSI-AARST Standards
  • Online Videos and Resources
  • Online Quizzes
  • Field Exercises
  • Downloadable Course Certificate

NEW!  Comprehensive quiz to help aid with exam prep!


  • Download/Streaming – No course materials will be shipped – everything you need is available to access and download online.

National Certification Exam: Purchased separately and available nationwide through NRSB (via Prolydian), or NRPP (via Certiverse).

Once you have taken this course, (CERTI-4000), and obtained your completed course certificate, you are ready to schedule an appointment to take the national licensing exam through NRSB or NRPP.


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269 reviews for Radon Mitigation Technology

  1. Anthony John

    Very informative course!

  2. Jordan Clancy

    This was an EXCELLENT course. As a visual learner, I do prefer the format of the Measurements course with the video lecture. Overall, I’m very grateful to Doug Kladder, his wealth of knowledge, and his awesome team for putting these courses together!

  3. Jeremy Filer

    The amount of different materials/aids are fantastic, superior to other courses I’ve taken.

  4. Joseph Batten

    Easy to understand and use

  5. Bryan Schwartz

    Another great course from Certi. Highly recommend it.

  6. Brian Jensen

    Very informative and will allow me to give good advice and information to clients regarding radon mitigation.

  7. Joshua

    Overall the course was very helpful and easy to follow. The audio tracks were a huge benefit add and allowed me to train while driving.

  8. Dane

    Well written

  9. Amanda

    I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was informative, engaging, and well done.

  10. Noel

    Very informative.

  11. Rodney

    Good stuff

  12. Joshua

    Maybe add some video segments? Audio only is very dry

  13. Bradford

    I had difficulty getting signed up as I was coming over from Green Training. It was not a smooth transition.

  14. Benjamin

  15. Kimberey

    It was fine and prepared me for the exam, which I passed yesterday.

  16. Jonathan

    Content is good overall but the interface is dated looking and less elegant than it could be. The Certi online experience feels like its from circa 2005, an update of the user interface would be beneficial.

  17. Harrynarine

  18. James

    I would run some spelling/grammar checks on your questions. Module 9 I believe had a lot of “insure” instead of “ensure” on the questions/answers. Additionally, I would consider some additional video work to supplement the training. The audio-only format, even with the printed handouts/references, was much harder to follow than the Measurement portion of the course was. Overall, this is an excellent course and I would definitely recommend it to others!

  19. Jesse

    Lots of good quality information

  20. Owen

    More video training because I find it easier to learn from seeing.

  21. Elizabeth

    The course has a lot of material focused around mitigation of existing structures. More information for new construction would have been great, basically just expand on the information already in the course for new construction.

  22. Gage

    This course was far better paced and taught than the previous for measurement. I was pleasantly surprised.

  23. Kevin

    I feel like this course was very helpful in providing me the information i need to complete quality radon system installs.

  24. jonathan

  25. Jen

    Very impressed with this course.

  26. Amancio

    Really liked the course. I’ve been doing systems for the past 2 years and I learned a lot of new things that I needed in order to perform a better job. Thank you very much – this has been a great experience!

  27. Justin

    Excellent course, lots of great information packed in and I feel that I learned a lot about radon mitigation from it.

  28. Zac

    I think the course is a valuable tool for learning, and has really good content.

  29. Hassan

    Very good presentations.

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