ANSI/AARST Mitigation Standards Review

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This course provides an ANSI/AARST standards review via a series of quiz questions with detailed explanations and citation of relevant sections of the standards.

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As of 2023, the NRPP amended its policy regarding the renewal of its base radon measurement and mitigation certifications to require a four-hour review of the ANSI/AARST standards relevant to a specific certification.  This course provides that review via a series of quiz questions with detailed explanations and citation of relevant sections of the standards.


NRPP approved.

NRPP – Mandatory requirement for NRPP Radon Measurement Professionals when renewing licensure after October 1, 2023.

NRSB – Not a mandatory requirement for NRSB, but recommended.

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67 reviews for ANSI/AARST Mitigation Standards Review

  1. David W. McLean

    I have been using certi for many years and it is a good education site

  2. Randy Weestrand

    As always, good course.

  3. Carlos Rodriguez

    Very informative

  4. Rachel Peterson

    Very easy and informative – thank you!

  5. Yia Xiong

    very good information

  6. Tom Chartrand

    Good review… well worth the time to get up to speed with newer regulations.

  7. Steve Kangte Byun

    Excellent course!

  8. James Musarra

    Quality sems very good

  9. Randall Glass

    I found the format easy to navigate.

  10. William R. Ainsworth

    Always informative and easy to refer to course materials

  11. Joel Templeton

    I thought the course was a good refresher

  12. Bryan Schwartz

    Great refresher on the mitigation standards

  13. Kent Molin

    Great course material!

  14. Josh Garibay

    I liked how when I got an answer wrong it explained in detail the answer.

  15. Nickolas Petty

    Expires: 2024-02-29

  16. Darioush Ghahremani

    Looking good and on point!

  17. merced

    Very informative

  18. Jessica Elizabeth Williams

    Everything was great in this course!!

  19. Fred Longton


  20. Taylor Russell

    Was a nice refresher of some of the main points with radon mitigation.

  21. Layne Gebers

    Always a good review.

  22. Dane shaffer

    This course was very informative, I think as an industry we need to train people on new construction awareness, I have found that a lot of mitigators with no construction experience make mistakes.

  23. Joe Kimbrough

    This was a great course, I am glad to be able to take it when I have the free time to do so.

  24. CERTI Student

    Course was easy to understand and navigate.

  25. Eino Anttila

    A few of the questions were worded open to interpretation.

  26. Brad Hoover

    Very easy to complete. Good refresher on safety information and work levels.

  27. topshelfradon

    Well designed and helpful for those actively working in mitigation field

  28. Andrew Noth

    I thought the course was very well thought out and easy to use.

  29. Jeff Sand

    Amazing content in this course. Thanks!

  30. Alexander Gutman

    Very informative

  31. Mitchell Stein

    Very Informative class.

  32. rayball3005

    Good to review standards.

  33. Michael Fatone Jr

    Great course, well needed refresher.

  34. Alex St.Clair

    A great set of review questions.

  35. Gary Manyak Jr

    Great refresher class.

  36. Matthew Andrews

    Nrpp 110760rmsNrsb 17ss052

  37. Sean Gilligan

    Easy to follow and covered a broad amount of information well.

  38. Jared Tyler McAfee

    Helped learn new standards

  39. Patrick J. Brennan

    I really like the way the course was laid out

  40. Santiago Teruya

    The course is easy to understand and very helpful.

  41. Wade Aldrich

    Thourough and informative

  42. Steve Austin

    Very in-depth course

  43. Veronica Dorado

    It was a lot of helpful information.

  44. Steve Troy Partridge

    Straight forward

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