Radon Challenges – Gnarly Tales from the Field – Part II

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CERTI is pleased to present Part 2 to Gnarly Tales one of our most popular courses for both measurement and mitigation professionals. Recorded at the 2022 AARST conference – an excellent course for learning how to deal with difficult situations.

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If you enjoyed CERTI’s original Gnarly Tales the good news is that the series continues.  The bad news is that more weird and challenging situations continue to arise as measurement and mitigation professionals address radon in more and different situations.  This course delves into challenging situations that have been encountered and how they have been identified, diagnosed and successfully mitigated.  Included are cases where HVAC systems, weather, permeable soils, tight soils, complex foundations and other surprises have presented challenges requiring more in-depth investigations beyond simple “poke and hope” approaches.  The course is taught with the assistance of experienced radon professionals presenting real world cases-with solutions.

Course Includes:

  • Classroom Presentation video from 2022 AARST Conference
  • Online Quiz
  • Resources
  • Downloadable Course Certificate(no materials shipped)
  • Access and download online
  • 8 CE Credits  (Category 1)

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98 reviews for Radon Challenges – Gnarly Tales from the Field – Part II

  1. CERTI Student

    This course was enjoyable to take, and definitely my favorite radon course so far. Thanks!

  2. topshelfradon

    Good to hear stories from other professionals. Thankful for the powerpoints and how they are presented

  3. Paul Bukeavich

    Well prepared and presented

  4. Stephen Hayes

    Excellent Course

  5. Christopher Hart

    Good relevant content

  6. John Williams Jr

    Great course – very good instructor.

  7. Steve Tapp

    Actually the video was interesting, all I do is test and this course was on mitigation. So it was a challenge, but most of it came back from about 25 years since going over or learning that aspect.

  8. Tiffany L Wilber

    Great course of odd situations u might encounter

  9. David Rayl

    These Gnarly courses have been very helpful for learning more about difficult homes and diagnostic methods.

  10. Alex Barr

    Interesting material

  11. Garrett Kehler

    Doug is a good teacher, enjoyed the content and the way in which it was presented.

  12. Rick Stieff

    Great as always!

  13. Nathan Shorette

    This course is so interesting from a building science standpoint. It is really fascinating what can happen with radon in spaces you wouldn’t expect. Mitigating these areas is interesting to say the least. Two Thumbs Up!

  14. Jeannette Gibson

    The course content was informative.

  15. Thomas Jacobi

    What a great course!

  16. Darby Nafziger

    Very well presented

  17. Thomas Michel

    Good information for measurement pros.

  18. Anthony Benincasa

    I enjoy the video lectures and Q&A.

  19. Michael Cantor

    Great course!  I would highly recommend taking it.

  20. Neal correy

    I thought the course was relevant and comprehensive, as well as being presented in a logical format and covered all materials sufficiently. I would recommend it to a colleague.

  21. tom-9902

    Very informative.

  22. Geno Mclain

    It was really was good thank you

  23. Nathaniel Frie

    I found this course to be very interesting and useful.  It will help me explain exactly what the dangers of having radon gas in a home are to home owners

  24. inspectorpilot

    I will routinely revisit to go through this material to commit it memory. 

  25. Roger Empey

    I feel more confident now working with RDP

  26. Paul

    Very well spoken and understandable.

  27. Clyde

    Course is great.

  28. Clif


  29. Vaughn

    Great info.

  30. Doug

    Well done.

  31. Scott

    Good course.

  32. Manass

    Great presentation, also appreciated the learning about Canada’s radon program.

  33. Ron

    Great course.

  34. Kyle

    Great course!

  35. Charles

    Enjoyed all aspects!

  36. Spencer

    The field experience is a great learning tool.

  37. Sue

    I love the Gnarly Tales courses–please make a Part 3!

  38. Cody

    A good shake-up to standard CE topics and interesting to learn about some of the challenging situations.

  39. Nick

    Good course.

  40. Cole

    Course was great.

  41. Shane

    Very informative.

  42. Joseph

    Excellent course.

  43. Stephen

    I needed this review! I don’t utilize diagnostics enough and I will be more going forward.

  44. Jake

    It was very interesting. Learned a lot

  45. Mike

    Well designed and very informative

  46. Evan

    Good class.

  47. Chad

    I found the information very useful

  48. William


  49. Ernie


  50. Steven

    Great job as always.

  51. David

    The speakers on the videos were very clear to understand the concept they shared – good class participation.

  52. James


  53. Marcella

    One of the most interesting online courses I have taken

  54. Willem

    Great course that I would recommend to any mitigator.

  55. Chris

    Good content.

  56. Charles

    Nice presentation

  57. Lonnie

    Good info

  58. Thomas

    The course was fine

  59. Mark

    Video presentation and topics were excellent

  60. Bill

    Good info

  61. Mark

    Interesting content

  62. Michael

    excellent presentation guest speakers were very knowlegable

  63. Mike

    This was a well designed course and the instructors were well trained.

  64. ricky

    good review

  65. Jordan

    I always enjoy the CERTI courses. The information is more relevant to day to day mitigation. Quizes are designed to test for understanding rather then trip-up the test taker.

  66. John

    Great course. The almost 3 hours on diagnostics was some of the best information I have seen.

  67. Michael

    The course is what I expected and have used you service several times

  68. Brian

    Wonderful course

  69. Bradley

    Very good

  70. Daniel

    Speakers were very knowledgeable

  71. Kevin

    Great class


    Well Done

  73. Jim

    Very Good

  74. Josh

    Very well done, thought provoking and interactive

  75. Thomas

    very good stuff like always

  76. Mike

    found it very informative

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