Technical Review of Rn Meas and Mitig Techniques for Rn Professionals

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CERTI is pleased to present this new course covering technical aspects of radon measurement and mitigation for residential buildings, schools and commercial buildings. Encompassing techniques for fixing existing structures and design parameters for the incorporation of radon control systems during the construction of homes and large buildings.

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Sponsored by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Cancer, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Disease Grants program, this technical manual was developed utilizing over 30 years of experience that its authors and collaborators have had in dealing with radon in Colorado. The purpose for developing the document was to provide a technical resource for radon professionals, builders, engineers and architects allowing them to address radon in a logical and cost-effective manner.  Although it was written for Colorado, the techniques and approaches apply to radon wherever one may find it, which is why we have created this course for a wider application.

To complete the course you should download the Technical Guidance document and read it. You may also want to save a copy of the pdf on your mobile device, so you can access portions of the document or its many graphs and photos to help your clients to better understand what is involved with radon measurement or mitigation. You can also access the document from the CDPHE website at  As you read the document, we believe you will find there are a lot of useful tidbits and design parameters.

You should also watch the two videos that were produced from recordings of webcasts presented to building officials, radon professionals, builders, and others to explain the many aspects covered within the Technical Guidance. There are two videos: One that covers radon fundamentals and measurement, and a second video that describes mitigation techniques for both single family and larger buildings such as schools and apartments.

Course Includes:

  • Technical Guidance Document
  • Videos
  • Online Quizzes
  • Everything you need is available to access and download online
  • Downloadable Course Certificate
  • 8 CE Credits  (Category 1)

75 reviews for Technical Review of Rn Meas and Mitig Techniques for Rn Professionals

  1. Joseph Scialabba

    excellent and informative course

  2. terricaberle

    The course provided a good refresher needed. 

  3. Dan

    It was informative.

  4. Jason

    Nice review.

  5. Clif


  6. Ryan

    Great refresher info for testing and install.

  7. Todd

    Reasonably comprehensive and challenging. Test questions are not just common sense, but require that you know the material.

  8. Nick

    Great course!

  9. JAMES

    I felt the course had some really good course materials relative to other areas outside Colorado.

  10. Clarke

    Good Info

  11. Betsie

    Good topics

  12. Stephen

    just fine

  13. Janice

    It was good to have the document at hand but reading it was sort of tough to do in a short amount of time. The videos did provide a break from the reading materials. I wonder if the videos could be more like an outline of the document with concentrations on the important ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’

  14. Craig

    Thank you

  15. Daniel

    Good info

  16. Jeff

    Great overview

  17. Michael

    I learned a lot with this course

  18. Kaitlyn

    Course was good

  19. Mike

    smooth sailing thanks

  20. Nate

    good content

  21. Dr.

    Well done. Lots of good info

  22. Patrick

    Good refresher course

  23. Ricki

    Good material, good review, learned some new things.

  24. Matt

    Great class!

  25. Kevin

    Very good course.

  26. Stephen

    The course was well planned and presented.

  27. Timothy

    Great job on this course.

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    Nicely presented and easy to understand.

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    Very good refresher course.

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    I recommend this course 5/5

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    Thought it was a good course

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    Good – I recommend

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    Great course, very detailed

  34. Ronnie

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  35. Stan

    I found this course to be adequate as a review

  36. Christopher

    I always find the courses to be a great refresher. keeps me on my toes

  37. William

    Very educational

  38. Daniel

    Very good course, touched all relevant areas of radon testing and mitigation.

  39. Anthony

    It was very informative

  40. Brian

    Very current and applicable content. Thank you for putting together this course.

  41. David

    Went good

  42. Edgar

    I recommend

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    This was a good review and updated some information for me. The study of under slab communications with perimeter trench compared to full under slab cleaned rock was educational.

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    Very good, well done.

  47. Brian

    great course!

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    Courses are all user friendly

  50. Mike

    Very distinct speech and knowledgable speaker

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    Easy to navigate, informative new material not just rehashing the old…

  52. Lisa

    it was great refresher course

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    Well written

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    Everything was presented well. Course manual was easy to read.

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  62. Jayson

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