Health Perspectives for Promoting RRNC

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Highlights of Presentations given at the EPA Region 8 Stakeholders Meeting.

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This course includes presentations by Dr. Bill Field, Phil Jalbert of US EPA, and Doug Kladder, all dealing with perspectives of health effects of radon in the promotion of Radon Resistant New Construction.
There is approximately 8 hours of coursework, including video, publications, and online quizzes that are taken as you progress through the course (not timed and may be taken unlimited times). There is no time limit for taking the course, and even after completion you continue to have access to the course in order to refer back to resources.

CERTI students also have access to business tools such as sample contracts, and warranties. We are also available by phone during and after the course for any questions concerning the course or radon situations you come across on the job.

Course Includes:

  • Video
  • Online Quizzes
  • Downloadable Course Certificate
  • 8 Category 1 CE Credits


  • Download/Streaming – No course materials will be shipped – everything you need is available to access and download online.

62 reviews for Health Perspectives for Promoting RRNC

  1. Mosby

    Well done.

  2. steve

    Thanks for doing this. Business is short, no time to go to class in person.

  3. Colton

    Great Content.

  4. Cindy

    This is a very interesting and compelling course.

  5. Steven


  6. Luke

    I thought it was very user friendly.

  7. Evan

    I do not have any suggestions, but I thought the content and the material covered within the course was well thought out and an important part of our continued education. 

  8. Jerry

    These are great and informative courses.

  9. Larry

    it was good 

  10. Ket

    Good set up

  11. Steve

    Very good Data course for those interested in the numbers of what is going on with radon and lung cancer studies. The RRNC side of installation was also very good.

  12. Patrick

    I recommend 5/5

  13. Michael

    I recommend 5/5

  14. Kevin

    I recommend

  15. John

    The course was good review of health effects and the need for radon testing and mitigation in homes and buildings.

  16. David

    Thank you for offering a simple to follow and useful course

  17. Courage

    I think it’s time for an update. Videos were from 2008 and 2010

  18. John

    Great Course. Great Refresher

  19. John

    Great Course. Great Refresher

  20. David

    Great job and great info

  21. Michael

    good review

  22. Michael

    good review

  23. Meredith

  24. Tammy

    Good Course Thank you

  25. Richard

    Thank you for another excellent course.

  26. Jim

    This is a very good course.

  27. Stan

    Excellent review of the material. Well thought out and communicated efficiently.

  28. Stan

    Excellent review of the material. Well thought out and communicated efficiently.

  29. Mary

    interesting topic information

  30. Sean

    I appreciated the thoroughness of this course, and found it to be a good refresher, whilst learning a few new things… Thank you

  31. Ann

    Very good review!

  32. Alvin

    This is one of the best online courses I have taken to date.

  33. Paul

    I recommend this course

  34. Timothy

    I would recommend this course-rank of 5

  35. Barry

    Great course

  36. Randy

    I would recommend this course

  37. Stephen

    I rate this course a 5 and recommend it

  38. Alan

    This with out a doubt was the most informative course I’ve ever taken, Will help answer questions presented by clients all the time


  39. Brett

    Lots of reading material…in topics 4 & 5. Great information just a long read.

  40. Theo Golubic

    Very good information provided!  Topic 4 in the course had a lot of information to digest. It was interesting but I found the charts and equations were challenging to tackle. Overall the course was great!

  41. Ronald

    Dr. Fields presentation was very informative and educational; he pulled a lot of information together and provided a new perspective.

    Mr. Kladders information was very informative.

  42. Leonard

    I think it was very well designed, easy to follow, and informative.

  43. Michelle

    Good information.

  44. Bill

    Great and informative!

  45. Anthony

    Good course and online reviews.

  46. Scott


  47. Dan

    This is my fourth year of getting my CEU’s thru CERTI and each year seems to get better. Information is relivent and related to what we need to know in radon testing.

  48. Peter

    I find the CERTI courses to be very serious and require a true effort at studying the course materials. Though that is harder, it is what I am looking for – actual information and education. That way I am better informed, may pass along relevant new scholarship, am actually better at what I do and better protected (legally) while doing my job.

  49. John

    Interesting content, good to know.

  50. Clyde D.

    The information here will be very helpful in explaining radon risk to potential clients.

  51. Tony

    I felt that Dr. Field’s information was the most valuable because I had seen many of the charts he presented but today they became more valuable as a resource for my presentations. I would like to have a more detailed discussion with him.

  52. Mark

    Great course!

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