Radon Response for Schools and Commercial Buildings

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This 4 hr CE course was a live webcast during the AARST 2020 Virtual International Radon Symposium. The recorded session includes questions and answers from attendees.

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A school has had a radon survey done and found elevated levels, now what? Is it time to start drilling holes and running pipe?  Or is a follow-up investigation warranted to identify specific causes and perhaps more cost-effective approaches?  Large buildings, especially those with complicated HVAC systems offer challenges that are not found in homes.  On the other hand, they can also offer solutions.

This course walks the student through a process for assessing results, identifying problems and developing a radon response plan that can be executed by building personnel in concert with radon and HVAC personnel and at a price that fits their budget.  This course is of particular benefit for mitigation contractors called in after a survey, as well as radon professionals who conduct radon surveys in large buildings and are asked, “What Next?”

The course consists of lecture, student interaction, field footage and a real-life case study.

Course Includes:

  • Online Quizzes
  • Instruction
  • Downloadable Resources including sample notices for testing and diagnostics
  • Video of field investigations
  • Downloadable Course Certificate
  • 4 Category 1 CE Credits

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52 reviews for Radon Response for Schools and Commercial Buildings

  1. CERTI Student

    Great course for schools and commercial buildings to meet my requirements. Very helpful, thank you!

  2. David Roberts

    Great course. Makes you think about how a large building AC affects the levels!

  3. John Thompson

    The instructor is great! Thank you!

  4. Karen Brodbeck

    wonderful course

  5. CERTI Student

    Good informative course, will be back for more!

  6. rayball3005

    Very helpful and usable information

  7. Christopher d’Arcy

    The videos were very informative and detailed. The course manual was helpful as well.

  8. Jason Skramstad

    great class!  no comments

  9. Andreas C. Andreou

    Very informative course.

  10. Ian Graham

    I really enjoyed this course and learned some new things.

  11. Michael DION

    The course had very good information for both radon testers and mitigation contractors, and would be highly recommended for both.

  12. Greg

    Good examples in schools.

  13. Jay

    Very well done. Very informative.

  14. Eric

    Good course.

  15. Desiree

    Well presented, and clear. The Q&A is very helpful.

  16. Brian

    Great course on schools and large buildings.

  17. Mark

    excellent course

  18. David

    I liked hearing other people’s questions and getting the answers.  It made the class seem more “real world.”

  19. Soheila

    Great Course… very detailed and useful.. thank you! 

  20. Marc

    Easy to follow and understand.

  21. Cory

    The course content was good and the case study and ASD examples were helpful.

  22. Pete

    Good course.

  23. April

    The sections ran a bit long and were a hard focus even though the material was spot on. Minimizing each section with a few topic related question at the end may improve the student engagement. 

  24. Josh

    Very well done

  25. David

    All good

  26. Ivan

    All good

  27. Brian

    Very interesting course, I enjoyed it.

  28. Michael

    Great quality enjoyed the course 

  29. JEREMY

    Good course.

  30. Timothy

    Great information.

  31. Charles

    I thought it was a well done course.  Great for reviewing. 

  32. Andrew

    Course material is very relevant and it is nice to watch and listen to a professional instead of reading slides. He does an amazing job at teaching the subject. I thought it might be beneficial to have review questions after each video, and maybe the final review longer? 

  33. Harold

    I highly Recommend this course.  

  34. Paul


  35. Paul


  36. Joshua

    Quality course. 

  37. Brian

    Lots of good information!

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