Controlling Radon Decay Products – Too Complicated or a Silver Bullet


This course explores, from a practical standpoint, how radon decay products are measured and how RDP reduction can enhance soil gas remediation by reducing radon risks to very low levels. This course is approved for both U.S. (NRPP & NRSB) and Canada Continuing Education for Measurement and Mitigation Professionals.

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Radon professionals learn in the entry level course that the actual health risk caused by the presence of indoor radon is from the decay products of radon.  In fact, miner studies and other foundational research is all based upon radon decay product exposures.

Typically, one measures radon as an easy means to estimate radon decay product exposures.  However, there are situations that such a measurement can under estimate or over estimate the radon decay product activities and hence health risks.

This course addresses how radon decay products can be measured and where such measurements would be warranted.  These would include situations where high air circulation rates are high and higher efficiency filters have been put in place to reduce indoor particulate pollution.

This course also provides sizing data for proper air cleaning to remove rdon decay products that can be particularly helpful in tough to mitigate situations.

Although some practitioners may not have a fond memory of the physics portion of their initial training course, the presenters take the “complication’ out of the issue to truly provide another tool in the fight to reduce radon related health effects, in fact it may be the Silver bullet you are looking for,


NRPP Approved/NRSB Approved.



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