Radon Mitigation Fundamentals

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Radon can be reduced to within US EPA guidance levels within any home. This book clearly explains how this can be done. Proven methods used by professional mitigators are detailed in this easy to understand manual.

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This course provides radon professionals with the homeowner’s perspective when it comes to radon mitigation. Whether you are a radon measurement or mitigation professional, this course will provide you with many valuable resources that you will find yourself sharing with your clients.

The digital book, Protecting Your Home From Radon©, is included with the course.



  • Health Effects
  • Measurements
  • Radon Entry
  • Crawl Space Systems
  • Drainage Based Systems
  • Sub-Slab Systems
  • Piping Systems
  • Caulking & Sealing
  • Combining Approaches
  • Safety
  • New Home Systems
  • Selecting a Contractor


Who can benefit from using this book?

Do-It-YourselfersThis manual provides easy-to-follow instructions about how to plan your project, and how to do so correctly and safely.

HomeownersIt provides an excellent basis for hiring contractors to do the work for you, in the most effective manner.

Home BuildersThe manual provides detailed instructions on how radon control systems are built into new homes as a value-added option.

Radon ProfessionalsThis book has served as a valuable resource for radon professionals in educating homeowners, as well as employees.

Written by recognized experts in the field of radon measurement and radon reduction technology, this book is based upon years of research and experience; it presents this experience in an easy-to-understand format, specifically written for the general public.

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184 reviews for Radon Mitigation Fundamentals

  1. Anthony Tilenni

    This was easy to complete and straight forward

  2. CERTI Student

    Very good course. Kept it simple to navigate and understand.

  3. Fernando Alvarado

    i always enjoy working with certified radon certification they make it enjoyable and very knowledgeable.

  4. Shawn Jones

    I thought the book was well written. I will retain the downloaded copy for future reference. The slight humor inserted into various sections was a plus.

  5. George Conklin

    Nice course, very informative

  6. William

    Great refresher.

  7. Rock

    Great reference material.

  8. Laura

    This was valuable as a home owner to gather a greater understanding of radon mitigation techniques.

  9. Christopher

    Looks good.

  10. Justin

    Received my book in a timely manner. Very good information in this book.

  11. Brian

    I recommend 5/5

  12. Justin

    I recommend 5/5

  13. Nathan

    Good interactive website, easy to navigate through. Good course material.

  14. Charles

    Great course for continuing education credits. Its amazing how much content was covered in a very easy to read and well laid out format. And GREAT customer service!

  15. Bob

    Very informative

  16. Donald

    Very good course to catch up on basics. Some things you do not use often and this refreshes those things in your memory.

  17. Joel

    I recommend

  18. Bryan

    The reading material was very helpful and was a good review.

  19. Christopher

  20. Vilas

    Easy , profesional and to the mark

  21. John C

    Helpful to see from a homeowners standpoint.

  22. Ralph

    The book is a great reference

  23. Robert

    Great study/reference guide – easy to use and understand

  24. Robert

    Great study/reference guide – easy to use and understand

  25. Rick

    hard to navigate web page

  26. Mark

    Good refresher course for me. I learned a lot and my memory of the original training course was renewed.

  27. Stephen

    i thought it provided good teaching

  28. Steve

    I recommend this course 5/5

  29. Thomas

    Always great!

  30. Christine

    The guide book was very informative and helped me better understand the process of mitigation.

  31. John

    Nice course with the ability to correct mistakes.

  32. John

    Nice course with the ability to correct mistakes.

  33. Robert

    It was good

  34. Ruth

    Another excellent course!

  35. Billy

    Very good and informative.

  36. Terry

    The book was excellent

  37. Terry

    The book was excellent

  38. Stefano

    Nicely done!

  39. Layne

    Very useful and arranged well.

  40. Stephen

    I recommend this course 5/5

  41. John

    Great refresher and some items I did not know before.

  42. John

    Great refresher and some items I did not know before.

  43. Ron

    This was a good refresher course!

  44. David

    I enjoyed your course,

  45. Scott

    Excellent course.

  46. Benjamin

    I recomend

  47. Mike

    Very through review.

  48. Patrick

    Always very thorough and to the point.

  49. Bob

    I gave the course a 3

  50. Bryan

    great course and information.

  51. Bryan

    great course and information.

  52. Lee

    Great refresher to original certification

  53. Richard

    Great course, useful information!

  54. Darren


  55. Robert

    The course was very information and easy to work with.

  56. Jesse

    It was worth the money for the convenience.

  57. Jesse

    It was worth the money for the convenience.

  58. Karen

    very well done

  59. Michael

    Great course lots of info

  60. Jim

    Excellent. Open book yet challenging enough to where you have to know the material.

  61. Vance

    easy to understand

  62. Steve

    I would recommend this course

  63. William

    Make the text mandatory reading for initial certification training. Very useful!

  64. Jeff

    Very easy to use and best of all is I learned something

  65. Theo

    Course was great. Nice overview of radon remediation techniques with significant details for each method.

  66. Curt

    Excellent Course covering all the basics of testing and mitigation.

  67. Dewey

    Very thourgh

  68. John

    Interesting coursework. I actually learned something….

  69. Michelle

    It was convenient and I was glad it wasn’t timed, due to a few disruptions while taking the test.

  70. Denise

    Overall, I feel the information provided was very good review materials, a good refresher of previously learned information, very complete.

  71. Joseph

    I thought this was an excellent course with the book and all the EPA and other course materials.

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