Advanced Rn Measurements for Multi-Family and other Large Bldgs

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Students taking this course will learn about the different approaches for testing apartment buildings, as well as, the additional complexity involved with working with tenants as well as clients.  Using both US EPA protocols and the newly created AARST Multi-Family Measurement protocols, students completing this course will have the tools to expand their radon measurement into this growing segment of the radon industry. 

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Using both US EPA protocols and the newly created AARST Multi-Family Measurement protocols, students completing this course will have the tools to expand their radon measurement into this growing segment of the radon industry.  The skills taught in this course will also be applicable for those wishing to test schools and administrative buildings. Students have access to survey tools such as test logs, testing notices and other resources to help enter this market.

Course Includes:

  • Video
  • Course Manual
  • AARST/ANSI Protocols – electronic copy
  • Online Quizzes
  • Downloadable Course Certificate
  • 12 Category 1 CE Credits


  • Download/Streaming – No course materials will be shipped – everything you need is available to access and download online.

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222 reviews for Advanced Rn Measurements for Multi-Family and other Large Bldgs

  1. hhatherly

    I was glad to hear a more detailed account of the data collected from the miners.

  2. Benjamin Kunkle

    This was fantastic.

  3. Veronica Dorado

    Good information

  4. John Youmans

    The course was good.

  5. Kenneth Mininger

    It was good to get physician’s perspectives.

  6. Jim Thompson

    Nice to see Radon is becoming an important issue.

  7. Bruno Vassel

    The course is very high quality and was a great inclusion in my CE credits.

  8. Joe Schrock

    Great course, very informative.

  9. Jeffrey Goard

    101204 rmp   11/30/2023101310 rms 11/30/23

  10. Mark Crowley

    Enjoyed hearing the other side of Rn. Very Informative and some new info.

  11. Eric Zank

    Informative and easy to navigate

  12. Michael Waller

    Course was solid

  13. Kelly Hostutler

    I like the short quiz format.

  14. Joseph Bednarek

    Easy way to get my credits.

  15. Richard Lalancette

    Easy to follow along.

  16. Kim Radzik

    This course is good – I would have liked to see more input from the doctors on antioxidant foods as a prevention in that section of the course. They seemed very doctor/patient focused but there seems to be things you can do that preventative before you get to the doctor’s office.

  17. Charles Bruno

    Great discusion

  18. tom-9902

    Very informative

  19. Trevor Brown

    No suggestions at this time

  20. Marion Hodges

    Course was very informative hearing about radon from doctors.

  21. Justin

    Well put together.

  22. Taylor

    Course was great- very informative.

  23. Tom

    I really enjoyed the fact that you could review material as needed….even after the course was completed.

  24. Leo

    Nice Course, in depth.

  25. Alexandra

    I learned a lot during this class and will go back to this training video again in the future.

  26. Donald

    Very informative! Enjoyed the course.

  27. Brandi


  28. Meaghan

    The course was great.

  29. Cole

    Great course.

  30. Trent

    Very Informative!

  31. Emily

    The course helped refresh my memory and was very good about introducing new ideas and concepts that were helpful.

  32. Ryan

    Course was very informative.

  33. Ryan

    Course was very informative.

  34. Emily

    I like the self paced videos

  35. David

    Wealth of information in an ordered fashion.

  36. Tina

    website could be more user friendly

  37. Sean

    It was very detailed

  38. John

    I missed course material that was in the test

  39. Bradley

    I enjoyed the conversation amongst attendees with real word experiences.

  40. Jim

    All good

  41. Rachel

    I learned a lot! I enjoyed the course – although I would suggest an explanation of basic construction verbage such as “plenum” and the different types of foundations at the beginning. Also, why would retesting be needed in buildings every two years if they have active mitigation systems installed? The point of the system is reduce the radon. If it’s to ensure the system is still working, a quick diagnostic sample would be sufficient to determine if the system is still working. Maybe I misunderstood and that is only for buildings that had reported elevated radon levels and didn’t get the mitigation systems installed?

  42. Ronal

    Great course

  43. Anthony

    very good

  44. Mark

    Very good.

  45. Drew

    Very informative

  46. Richard

    It serves both single family and multi unit technitions.

  47. Marc


  48. David

    I learned a lot about tested multi-family dwellings.

  49. Curtis

    Good videos and quizzes!

  50. Brian

    Great course

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    Plenty of information

  52. Remington

  53. Eduardo

    The sound should be better, but overall the course is very good

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    Great course. Very informative.

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    The slides were helpful

  56. James

    Audio was (once in a while) difficult to understand, but quality was good most of the time

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    Course is great.

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    Informative course. I would highly recommend.

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    Course fulfilled all requirements with high quality

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    Great courses and easy to navigate

  68. Aarmond


  69. William

    I would prefer more quizzes in-between lessons

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    Good Course

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    All great information, a must have.

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    Informative and helpful

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    Very happy with course!

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