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Whether you are a radon professional or an environmental health professional there is a common need to provide accurate and constructive information about radon.  This course is designed to assist individuals in delivering radon programs to a host of audiences from real estate professionals to builders and ultimately to the consumer.  The course is based upon many years of experience that CERTI has had in assisting State Radon Programs in public outreach efforts and recognizing what has worked and what has not.

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Included in the course is a 53 slide PowerPoint program licensed for use by those that complete the course. These are a set of executable slides that can be supplemented with the presenter’s information and adapted for locally pertinent conditions. They can also be pared down for shorter presentations or expanded depending upon the duration of a presentation.

The course focuses on delivery techniques to help the presenter prepare and deliver the programs. This includes topics such as types of equipment to use, constructive messaging, dealing with questions and the occasional heckler. Although provided in the context of giving talks on Radon, these approaches are transferable to any topic one may be presenting on.

In addition to the generic slide set and tips on presentations, there are videotaped examples of how the slides were used in an actual presentation, tips on how to answer difficult questions, evaluation forms, and registration forms. In other words, the tools to be confident as a radon advocate while professionally marketing your business.

Here is a short video explanation of the course

Course Includes:

  • Videos (can be paused and navigated via Table of Contents or Key Word Search)
  • Executable PowerPoint for use in giving Radon Presentations
  • Online Quizzes
  • Resources
  • Downloadable Course Certificate
  • 16 CE Credits  (Category 1)


  • Download/Streaming – No course materials will be shipped – everything you need is available to access and download online.

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44 reviews for Presenting Radon Programs

  1. CERTI Student

    Simple website and course page to navigate. Thank you.

  2. Jordan Phelps

    Very good Source.

  3. Robert D. Hoaglin

    Good course. no comments.

  4. Juan

    The course is well prepared and exposition is very good.

  5. Douglas

    I liked the format and pace of the course.

  6. Douglas

    I liked the format and pace of the course.

  7. James

    For those who haven’t presented courses to professionals, this is a great information building course with great tips to help build confidence in the presentation process.

  8. Paul

    Great course.

  9. Daniel

    As always great course.

  10. Joseph

    Excellent course.

  11. Quinton

    Very good

  12. Stan

    I thought the material was very well ordered ordered. My only concerns was that there several test questions regarding EPA “recommendations” mentioned for “mitigation” that there is a DIFFERENCE of opinion on between the US and Canada. (Where fans may be located and whether or not outside exhausts need to extend ABOVE the eaves).

  13. William

    thank you.

  14. Jeff

    It was hard to find info on some of the questions

  15. Jacob

    Great course done by a great teacher.

  16. Robert

    Purchasing your courses has been significantly improved!

  17. Dino

    The course was easy to follow and very informative. I love the preparations and delivery portion of the training program, this allows the presenter to ensure they cover all bases in providing an awesome Radon presentation.ure the success of training

  18. James

    Easy to follow

  19. Matthew

    Good course

  20. Jason

    Great job and very informative!

  21. Nate

    Good content

  22. Mikhael

    great for getting you ready to do a presentation.

  23. Chris

    Very Good Course. I always look forward to your presentations.

  24. Chris

    Very Good Course. I always look forward to your presentations.

  25. Sammy

    It was a needed topic

  26. Gary

    interesting review

  27. Nicholas

    Informative course!

  28. David

    Great content.

  29. Maria

    The course provided many useful tools.

  30. Susan

    Enjoyed the class.

  31. Jarrett

    As always, professor Kladder covers everything very thoroughly. The only place I’ll come for continuing education. I’ve been a radon inspector for about four years now and am also using CERTI for my current class, which is teaching me everything I need to learn to safely install radon mitigation systems.

  32. Denise

    Excellent information. Presentation instruction went into more detail than most courses I have taken !!

  33. LeAnna

    Good course.

  34. Steven

    The course was very easy to understand.

  35. Rachel

    Wonderful course with great tips on presenting on radon to different audiences. The guidance for the prep and delivery will be incredibly useful when presenting on this more “controversial” subject to specific audiences from a scientific and measurement professional perspective. Thank you for the wonderful resources, including the sample slide deck. Looking forward to using this training in action soon!

  36. Greg

    Course was well laid out and a good review for me.

  37. Alejandro

    good source to keep up with the radon training

  38. David

    Wonderful and great subject content

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