Radon from a Physician’s Perspective

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This is a round table discussion by radon subject matter experts and Doctors of Osteopathy discussing the health effects of radon exposure and options for including advice and information to patients. The format includes audio instruction over a PowerPoint Presentation.

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This round-table discussion by radon subject matter experts and Doctors of Osteopathy contains mini-presentations by subject matter experts with questions asked from other panelists of a nature that are of interest to medical professionals as well as radon professionals and concerned citizens.

There is approximately 4 hours of coursework, including audio over PowerPoint, publications, and online quizzes that are taken as you progress through the course (not timed and may be taken unlimited times).  There is no time limit for taking the course, and even after completion you continue to have access to the course in order to refer back to resources.

CERTI students also have access to business tools such as sample contracts, and warranties.  We are also available by phone during and after the course for any questions concerning the course or radon situations you come across on the job.

Course Includes:

  • Audio over PowerPoint Presentation
  • Online Quizzes
  • Downloadable Course Certificate
  • 4 Category 1 CE Credits

Developed in cooperation with the Center for Osteopathic Education and Research of the Colorado Springs Osteopathic Foundation and co-sponsored by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment.

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211 reviews for Radon from a Physician’s Perspective

  1. Douglas

    Good course. Well worth the time.

  2. Steve

    Very helpful understanding the physicians view.

  3. Salvatore

    Good, for the amount of time alloted.

  4. Julie

    Excellent – great insite

  5. Tina

    Great course and easy to understand!

  6. Bradley

    I would recommend this course

  7. Cody

    Great continuing education content, thanks!

  8. Kyle

    I recommend this course

  9. Robert

    The information provided by the health professionals substantially increased my belief that radon is a serious health concern

  10. Michael

    very informative and interesting

  11. John

    It was refreshing to take a course that covered a medical professional’s point of view.

  12. Don

    nice and informative for the Physician and their concerned patients, must do more in all areas of indoor air quality,radon being formost!!

  13. James

    I have taken many Certi On-line classes. This has got to be the best one yet. Very informative.

  14. brent

    good program, asking a lot of the questions that we get asked by sceptics

  15. Eric

    I enjoyed hearing from multiple credible sources in one program.

  16. Stephen

    excellent presentation for the lay person to foliow and understand

  17. Jeremy

    I always enjoy taking online classes from CERTI because they are very interesting

  18. L.

    Course was easy to access and to complete. Learned many things along the way.

  19. Gregory


  20. Skylar

    I enjoyed learing about the miner and epidmilogical studies. Very interesting.

  21. Dave

    After 17 years of training and practice as a certified radon tester and mitigator, I am amazed at how much I am still learning. Thank you Doug for this information.

  22. Daniel

    Great motivator to go back to the health care crowd and encourage education.

  23. Mary

    clear and concise and interesting

  24. Reginald

    Good Presentation, Good perspective

  25. Jennifer

    I found it to be very interesting and I learned of studies and researchers I had not known before.

  26. MIKE


  27. Anthony

    Very Educational, Ive been doing radon testing for over 6 years now and I learned a lot from this course.

  28. Brad

    great panel of experts-very well educated!

  29. Corey

    Course was very informative and easy to follow

  30. Evenor

    Excellent presentation. Very informative and easy to follow format.

  31. Jennifer


  32. Alison

    I thought the information was very informative. I believe I can address my clients health concerns with more authority.

  33. Floyd

    It would be helpful to have a transcript of the lectures to view and/or download. this would aid in researching terms and vocabulary.

  34. Leonard

    This course provided me with an insight into the medical aspects of radon induced lung cancer and the associated risks.

  35. Jeffrey

    convenient and accessible

  36. Rachel

    liked the format – slideshow with multiple physicians on the panel

  37. daryl

    as a certified mitigator it covered a great deal of information verifying that radon is a huge risk factor, that will be usefull to customers.

  38. Julie

    Great information.

  39. Ezra

    Well put together material

  40. Donald

    Good info

  41. Kenny

    Excellent course. Should be required as part of a first time continuing education course.

  42. Wayne

    its is a very good course.

  43. Matthew

    Material provided was not only informative, it has challenged me to approach my clients in a whole new way

  44. Brian

    Good overview of the physician’s perspective. Wonder what’s taken so long to get on board. Don’t expect the real estate profession to lead the education banner…unless they are forced to!

  45. Ruben


  46. Mary

    Very good information

  47. Donna

    informative, helped me to understand more fully the ‘radioactive’ element of radon which brings it home more so than just a bad soil gas.

  48. Charles

    Very informative

  49. Kristine

    I love these courses for continuing ed. They are very informative, I learn a lot, & I’m able to do it at my own pace!!!!!

  50. Russell

    I especially appreciate the concern for education.

  51. Jeff


  52. Paul

    opinions and feedback from professionals was very vaulable in understanding the true issues with radon exposure

  53. William

    Useful review

  54. Noel

    Interesting perspective.

  55. John

    Excellent…extremely useful info.

  56. Ronald

    Good course. Great to hear the professionals discuss radon. There was a lot to learn from them.

  57. dave

    Not only great information but will help in tghe development of a better marketing plan

  58. leonardo

    clear, to the point, and easy to understand

  59. Mike

    Doug was the best one!

  60. Aaron

    course was great. I learned alot

  61. Jim

    Good course

  62. Cindy

    very informative and engaginh

  63. David

    Good course. Very concise and clear.

  64. Kirk

    content was great, the immediate course work and downloadable material works very well.

  65. Dave

    very informative

  66. Richard

    I think this was a good course in that it included research data and applied it to personal health in a realistic and common sense manner.

  67. Jay Gonyaw

    Very Interesting!

  68. Dan Withrow

    Very good and highly recommend!

  69. Stephen Burns

    The best online radon course I have taken. Very clear, concise, and informative. Also, good sound quality.

  70. Charles

    My experience with most physicians before this course was their ambivalence about Radon. It is nice to hear physicians that care about this issue and their perspectives.

  71. BobV

    very informative; especially in such a short time frame. Some of the explanations on the physics and health aspects were excellent.

  72. Mark

    This goes to a depth beyond the attention span of most individuals with limited concern, however for a radon professional, this provides a greater understanding and backing to support our businesses and client training.

  73. Mark

    Really great!

  74. Marsha

    Very informative!

  75. Robert

    Very good!

  76. Sally

    Interesting & understandable!

  77. Ronald

    As always Doug has put together a great course! I enjoyed all the participants of this class. It is very informative very well structured, thank you Doug.

  78. Ronald

    as always Doug has put together a great course. I enjoyed all the participants of this class is very informative very well structured thank you Doug

  79. David

    Great course!!!

  80. Fernando

    This course was very interesting.

  81. James

    This was an excellent course! Very helpful to my radon measuring business. I am going to participate more in educating the public. Thank you.

  82. Don

    Nicely done!

  83. Dan

    I thought this was very informative and relavent.

  84. Jennifer

    I am a radon tester in Ohio. This course addresses many of the questions I hear out in the field, and helps me better articulate my answers to my clients. One questions still remains, however: It was mentioned in one of the sections that the histology of smoking and radon is indistinguishable; both cause the same kind of lung cancer. How do we then know that 21,000 individuals in the U.S. die of radon-induced lung cancer each year? Thank you for putting this very informative program together.

  85. Richard

    It should be viewed by everyone!

  86. Scott

    Course was informative and offered from a different perspective.

  87. David

    Thank you!

  88. James C.

  89. Michal


  90. Michal


  91. Michal


  92. Ted

    I am finding that in a city where Radon and health concerns were before looked down upon, more and more people are realizing the health risks involved with exposure.

  93. Tim

    Great information. I can use this information everyday with questions I am asked from customers.

  94. Brian

    Strong public health issue.

  95. Paul

    Great course, I looked forward to listening to each section. Very informative.

  96. Donna

    This is a very important topic! Education of both professionals and the public should be a primary focus.

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