Application of HRV/ERV’s for Radon Reduction

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This 4 hr CE course was a LIVE WEBCAST during the AARST 2020 Virtual International Radon Symposium. This will give you the confidence to recommend a ventilation strategy when appropriate while providing the customer with meaningful estimates of the expected radon reduction.

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Ventilation strategies for radon reduction are employed for a variety of reasons, typically when a traditional ASD or SMD system is not practical. But selling a ventilation job without being able to predict the expected radon reductions is tricky.  What happens if the radon levels don’t change as expected?  Are there comfort or energy considerations if the ventilation guidance of ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.2 is exceeded?  Various methods of estimating the potential impact of increasing ventilation will be demonstrated.

Course Includes:

  • Online Quizzes
  • Instruction
  • Downloadable Resources including calculational spreadsheets and parts lists
  • Downloadable Course Certificate
  • 4 Category 1 CE Credits

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63 reviews for Application of HRV/ERV’s for Radon Reduction

  1. Peter Lordy

    Course was very informative, interesting and most important helpful

  2. CERTI Student

    Wonderful course.

  3. CERTI Student

    I feel as though the course was well put together, and well presented.

  4. Silviu Gafita

    Very informative and educational 

  5. Eileen Romaniello

    Very informative!

  6. Melanie Miranda

    I like how there are videos and PowerPoints.

  7. Michael Talotta

    Great educational content. Very informative.

  8. Tom Chartrand

    Great technical data and explanation/demonstration… Very valuable information.

  9. Elizabeth Oseid

    This was an interesting topic that covered topics that I had not considered previously. It is helpful to better understand the testing protocols and interpretations.

  10. Bill Haughery

    Instructor was very knowledgeable and a clear communicator

  11. Joel Templeton

    Thought the course was helpful

  12. Harold Lewis

    Although I have not had to install or offer an HRV/ERV system it was good knowledge,

  13. Daniel Elsasser

    We have been installing HRVs for radon dilution for many years. This is by far the best course regarding adding HRVs to the mitigator tool kit.   

  14. Steve Rose

    I found the subject matter to be very interesting and informative. Gives me a new tool to consider when conventional methods are not working.

  15. Avi Levy

    Interesting subject and the speaker was good.

  16. Allan R Schuster Jr.

    It was good to learn more about HRV’s and its effect on radon. 

  17. rayball3005

    Very helpful course.

  18. Erik Zerrenner

    The content was easily Understood.

  19. John Deal

    Course was helpful

  20. Steve Anderson

    Instructor was knowledgabe and presented material in an easy to understand manner

  21. Daniel Davy

    I do Radon Measurement only, but it was informative to see an alternate form of mitigation.

  22. Derek Cunningham

    Great course. The teacher did an exceptional job giving his all to the subject matter.

  23. rchcook

    The course has good flow, easy to follow.

  24. Clif


  25. Bill

    Good content.

  26. Jason

    This is one of the better courses I have taken. Very clear and concise.

  27. Vicki

    Very detailed information!

  28. Luke

    Overall pretty good. 

  29. Colton

    This was highly informative and will be very useful in the future when recommending possible HRV/ERV installations. 

  30. Steve

    The course was very informative. I learned a lot.

  31. Brett

    Create a section  for installation techniques for field installers 

  32. Evan

    The videos were very helpful and the course was very well paced.

  33. Justin

    Very informative

  34. Jeff

    Excellent topic

  35. Daniel

    Well presented 

  36. Steven


  37. Brian

    The course was real helpful

  38. Tim

    Good Info

  39. Jon

    Good information, i run into unconventional project frequently.

  40. Greg

    Enjoyed the course.

  41. Evenor

    Lots of good information.  Visuals help to clarify lots of practical applications. Excellent presentations.

  42. Sean

    This course was a good start to educating a homeowner on the advantages and limitations of HRV's and ERV's when evaluating existing and/or planned installations in relation to radon level.

  43. Rich

    Great course

  44. Michele

    Knowing very little about HRV/ERV installation, I was able to follow this instructor easily due to the fact that he did not assume the audience knew much about the topic. as some instructors do. Very good demonstrations and explanations!

  45. Michele

    Knowing very little about HRV/ERV installation, I was able to follow this instructor easily due to the fact that he did not assume the audience knew much about the topic, as some instructors do. Very good demonstrations and explanations!

  46. Zachary

    Well done!

  47. zachary

    Well done!

  48. Michael

    This course is very applicable in the real world when typical mitigation is not successful.   Thanks for putting it together!   

  49. Todd

    Easy to follow.

  50. Joshua

    Great content. 

  51. John

    A lot of great information about air infiltration and measurements.

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